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Multimedia Artist

Art Director               Photographer               Film Director               Musician               Illustrator 

Work Experience


2021 - 2023

・ [BIGBANG] Daesung <Flow> Album Visualizer film Title Calligraphy

・ Kim bum soo - <Dream> Album Title Calligraphy 

・ Luxury brand <Ditto> lookbook Photography, Style

・ Ichan <Eterner Summer>, <Stranger> Album Art Direct, MV Direct, Photography, Album Design

・ HOYA <1AM>, <Night in LA>, <Deserve> Album Art Direct, photography, design

・ 75(CHIRO) <Forest>, <Journey>, <Peterpan> Produce, Vocal, Lyrics, Compose, MV Direct, Style, Album Design, Merchandise

・ Luxury brand <If Eles> Photography



​​・ National Memorial of the Provisional Government Main Theme Music Composed

・ BTS & Coway Advertisement Assistant Director

・ SAMSUNG Galaxy Book 2 Pro Assistant

・ SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro 360 Assistant

・ Hyundai with Peggy Gou Women’s Day Campaign  Assistant Art Director

・ moonc, gracie, 75(CHIRO) <Water gun> Vocal, Lyrics, Album art

2018 - 2020

・ Fashion brand <Wackonmoto> Launching, branding, Design, Photography, Film Direct, Web Design 

・ 75 & Gracie <Ggaddak>, <Where is the luv?> Album Produce, Vocal, Lyrics, Composed, MV teaser,  Album Design, Merchandise

・ Gracie <No Fake Allowed>, <Conquest> Album Art Direct, Photography, Album Art

・ Art Exhibition <District 75-8>, <He-yo>, <Blue Socks Club> Director, Artist, Photography, Merchandise



・ BTS Fandom’s Light Stick <Army bomb> Concept Director

・ COEX C-Festival Music Performance, Illustration Artist

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